Saturday, January 22, 2011

bg and the horses

we have about 12 acres of unused pasture & a barn at the house and so we let a guy from down the road board a few of his horses there......they're always happy to see us come home and always head straight for the fence, hoping for some petting and a treat or two......they just can't decide what to think about babygirl tho.......she goes flyin at them all barky and puffed up like she's gonna ride herd and just about the time she has them a little skitterish.......she stops short and turns to her dad and says "dad, those are the biggest freakin dogs i have ever seen!"

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Plum Trucker said...

Aww they are pretty. I think horses in snow are just beautiful, of course I feel bad for them because it is cold, but they look just beautiful.