Saturday, June 26, 2010

wildhorse casnio......pendleton, oregon

after running over 7000 miles in 7 days, we finally got a load that gives us a little down time over the weekend.....we're hauling 42,000 lbs. of sugar from nampa, idaho to a bakery in seattle and we don't have to be there till monday morning......when we got this load we really expected the drivertech to beep and tell us to load it and drop it at the yard for a solo driver to deliver and then that would be followed by another beep giving us a long and "hot" load that just had to go, go!, go!!.....but so far that's not took us about 5 hours yesterday at the shipper's to get loaded...they're usually not that slow there but for some reason everything was moving was refreshing to scale out legal on the first try and not have to do alot of sliding tandems to get things since we hadn't ate all day and since it was already late evening by eastern standards, we went over to the truckstop and had supper and called it a nite........we've been watching the first two seasons of "weeds"......(yes, i know, we're behind!...sometimes it takes us awhile to embrace new pop, we finished up season 2.....this show cracks me up......i swear, nancy (mary louise parker's character) cannot catch a break.....never mind that she's a marijuana dealer.....she's is the epitome of murphy's law and then some!!....anyway, now we're anxious to get to target for the rest of the seasons that are out on dvd.....that's pretty much how we watch tv.....seasons of the shows we like on dvd long after the next season of those shows have started.....we are never setting still long enough to catch anything in real time.....although lately we have been exploring wonderful invention!!......any way, back to the sugar load.....we made it as far as pendleton, was absolutely beautiful today coming over cabbage....the sky so clear you could see for miles....we decided to call it a night here.....pulled into the arrowhead travel plaza and cleaned out the truck......i think we have gremlins that trash this truck when we're not looking, because it sure does get dirty quick.....course it could be blamed on the fact that i had an snack attack of peanuts in the shell the other night while me, you cannot shell peanuts and drive at the same time and stay neat.....not to mention that had a cop saw me he would have probably explained how that isn't much different than driving while texting, so i have decided that peanuts in the shell is not a good "driving" could also be blamed on the pup, who loves nothing better than to get hold of a paper towel or tissue and see how many pieces she can transform it into!.......after dusting and running the sweeper and cleaning the windows, we went inside to one of the nicest showers you can find in a was so cute i was sorry i hadn't thought to take my camera inside with me so that i could show you......clean and cool and really great water pressure!........right beside the truckstop is the wildhorse resort & casino.....doesn't take much more than that to put a sparkle in brad's we moved from the truckstop up to the casino truck parking area and ran inside......after all, farewell bend and cabbage scales were both closed today as we came over, so that's a sure sign that lady luck is in your house, right????......anyway, brad hit the three card poker table and i found a couple of good one armed bandits and then after awhile he found me and we hit the buffet......not the best one i've ever visited, but not bad........with my tummy full, i played a little while longer while he went back to the tables and then i decided babygirl was probably gettin lonely in the truck all by herself, so i called it an evening and came out to be with her......alot cooler.....not to mention cheaper, to play computer games out here with

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CRAIG and DIANE said...

Isn't that Arrowhead truck stop great. So much better now that they completely remodeled it. Too bad we don't go by there more often, like back in our boat hauling days!

I'll keep you in mind Monday morning after we deliver in Puyallup. If we are sitting around for awhile I'll give you a hollar!