Saturday, June 5, 2010

carl hayden dam at lake powell, az

we picked up a heavy load of sugar in nampa, idaho just before the memorial day weekend and took it down to pheonix, arizona.....i was already a little cranky because i had wanted to be home in west virginia over the holiday, but they offered us a nice bonus to stay out and run and even tho that brightened my mood a little, i was cranky all over again when i looked at the routing.....i84 down to ogden, ut, then i15 to down below salt lake city and then we were taking us89 out thru the woods ( as truckers like to say anytime they get off the 4 lane).....i'd never been down that way before and i just thought i wasn't in the mood to be dealin with draggin 45,000 lbs of sugar up one mountain after another.....i should have known better!'s true, there were alot of mountains......long pulls up and slow decensts.....but the mountains were absolutely beautiful and the small towns we went thru made me want to stop and spend at least a day in each one of them.....panquitch, utah.....kanab, utah...well, we did spend the night in kanab......and then we crossed over into arizona the next morning and found this little jewel.....pretty much the most northern tip of the grand canyon and beautiful in it's own right.....lake powell, just north of page, arizona....and the carl hayden dam and visitor's center.

if you enlarge the photo, you can see the dinosaur's prints pretty clearly.

you'd think i'd know by now that just as you can't judge a book by it's cover, you can't judge a trip by it's routing. if you find yourself ridin down this way, prepare to not be cranky anymore!


Lipstick Trucker said...

See sometimes a change of route can be fun! Sounds like you enjoyed yourself, great pic's.

Truckin Tedybehr said...

Beautiful pics!!!! Thanks for sharing them.

Plum Trucker said...

I'm glad you ended up enjoying your drive. It's funny how sometimes things work themselves out. The pictures are beautiful. I can't wait to see things like this. I could only imagine the great little towns :)