Monday, March 28, 2011

bon...or is that bone apetite??????????????

i'd have to live to be 687 years old to ever have the chance to cook and bake all the recipes i'd like to try.....i read alot of magazines while on the road and i'm always saving new recipes that look like something we'd enjoy, not to mention the thousands of ideas from all the blogs i read and all the's mind-boggling, really.......and then it always seems that when we are home and i have the chance to do some cooking that we stick to the same tried and true staples that we miss while we're away....coz, well, we miss them......... having said all that, i ran across a recipe the other day that has me both scared and in anticipation.......scared because most of my adolescent and adult life i have heard crude men refer to a certain part of their anatomy as anticipation coz, face it girls, there can't be one of us who hasn't wanted to chop the dang thing off and roast it at some point in our imagine my surprise when flipping thru the march issue of better homes and gardens, here was this offering...... Bon apatite!!!

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