Sunday, October 17, 2010

my little black bag

i'm not much for carrying a purse on the truck......for one thing, life in the truck is hard on them....they get kicked around on the floor, rub up against stuff and ruin the leather as we roll down the road....about the only time i feel the need for one is if we are taking time off somewhere other than home and i know i'll be going out shopping or to dinner....or when we stop at walmart.........back in my solo-driver days i had the whole dash to hold all my "essentials" while i was driving......but in the years since i became a team driver, it seems like either the dash is getting smaller and smaller, they're putting more and more space-sucking gadgets on the dash or else brad is just getting more and more stuff of his own, because it doesn't seem like i can find a place for my stuff up there anymore!.....but a couple of months ago while in walmart i was cruising the craft supply isle and found this little's got sturdy sides and has kept it's has loads of various sized individual pockets that make almost custom-crafted homes for all my goodies and it wipes clean with a damp cloth!!.....
outside pockets hold my eye-glass cleaner and cloth, hand sanitizer and a small bottle of a great little cucumber pick-me-up-spray, pens, post-its, and a comb........ an interior row of pockets are sized just right for my sunglasses, tissues, ipod, phone and headset.....and the huge inside pocket holds whatever audio-book i'm listening to at the time and keeps my wallet in handy reach!

i'm not embarrassed to tell ya that i'm just a little bit in-love with this handy little bag!....i set it on the floor beside my seat when i'm driving and everything i might need while driving is within handy reach......i've not yet given up my cupholder space for my coffee, water, tea or whatever tho...although the designers seem to keep making these smaller and shallower all the time, so it may not be long before i have to add a bottle holder to this little number!....and when we switch out and brad drives, all i have to do is pick it up and set it back on the bunk or a shelf and it's out of his way.....and he thinks that's pretty sweet!

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