Monday, March 1, 2010

ask a truckdriver......

my friend, salena, over at the daily rant finds some of the best memes for her blog.....i always love reading them because they give you such insight into the thoughts and lives of the folks who answer's always nice to learn more about friends, family....and in this case, also fellow drivers........

1. what is your favorite interstate to travel??
it's hard not to say i79 simply because that's the one that runs past our house.....but i really enjoy running i 5 thru northern california, oregon and washington.....beautiful scenery, lush green mountains, amazing lakes and rivers, not to mention those cute little expresso huts!

2. pilot, t/a, flyin j or loves??
pilot! salena said, they have clean showers and restrooms, and hazelnut coffee!!...

3. If you had to travel cross-country (East-West or West-East) would you prefer to take the Northern Route (I-80 or I-90) or the Southern Route (I-10 or I-40)?
i don't really have a preference here.....there are so many interesting things to see along both routes.....not to mention family and friends sprinkled along the way......i'm kinda like salena, in that i prefer to be cooler than too warm, but as long as my ac is workin, i'm good to go on either route!

4. When driving, do you prefer to see the sunrise or the sunset?
the sunrise!....i love that feeling of greeting the new day......the way that, even when you're driving west, you see the sky begin to come alive behind you.....i love being up while most of the world is still sleeping......

5. Favorite state to drive through?
oregon..............oregon never disappoints!!....the columbia river is breathtaking by day and with the moon glimmering off it at nite......i love portland with all the lights glistening off the water..... any state that has family in it, kansas, missouri, north carolina, massachusetts always makes me smile when i cross the state line too......

6. Least favorite state to drive through?
again, i agree with salena.....definitely texas!!...takes FOREVER to get across it....and with the exception of a few city lights and a couple of good bbq joints, it's mostly hot, dusty and bumpy...

7. What do you think is the most truck friendly state?
oklahoma......lots of truck stops and parking areas.....

8. What do you think is the least truck friendly state?
california......between the 55 mph speed limit, the lack of parking and the no idling enforcement, it takes the cake!.....florida is just about as bad for parking, as are a few others.....makes you feel like they're basically saying, "give us our stuff and then get the hell out!"

9. What is your favorite town to layover in?
vegas, baby! .....with the exception of lost creek, wv, of course!!

10. Las Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City?
las vegas, hands down!!

11. Atlantic Coast or Pacific Coast?
pacific get everything from the desert to the mountains, city lights to olive groves, awesome views of the ocean......and those little expresso huts!

12. Favorite type of freight to haul?
well, for what we do now, i'd have to say electronics or airfreight......neither one are usually really heavy all time favorite tho, is when we were flat-beddin and doing over-sized stuff ......

13. Favorite company/industry to haul for?
the salena said, it's always interesting!

14. Most annoying traffic related gripe regarding truck drivers?
trucks running up on and then tailgating four's bad enough when they do it to other's downright stupid when they do it to cars......

15. Most annoying traffic related gripe regarding four wheelers?
being on the dang cell phone......passing and then cutting right in front of me to get off at the exit.....being on the dang cell phone......coming off the on ramp at full speed and running alongside me on the shoulder when i can't get over, which most of them would be able to tell if they weren't on their dang cell phone.......

16. Do you drive solo or as part of a team?
i ran solo for a number of years, but for the past almost 8 years i've teamed with brad.....teaming is better!

17. What kind of truck do you have and what color is it?
an 09 international.....and it's's a company truck...that's the only reason we have it....

18. How many gears does it have?
it has 10 "pretend" gears

19. Does your truck have a name?
it has many at times....but most of them can't be repeated here......

20. Do any pets travel with you? If so, what kind and what are their names?
we have a new little miniture pinscher puppy.....just six weeks old.....her name is babygirl

21. What is your favorite drive in the entire country?
our driveway......what??? didn't see that coming????.....

22. What state do you currently live in and were you born and raised in that state?
west virginia.......and yes, i was born here, raised here and if God is good, will die here.....i'm a hillbilly girl, thru and thru......

23. What kind of trailer do you pull?
a 53' dry van

24. What is your favorite truck stop?
jubitz in portland, oregon

25. What jobs did you do before you became a truck driver?
stay at home mom, waitress, pharmacy technician, deli worker, photographer, basket teacher, mayor, city recorder, truck driving school instructor.....

26. Have you ever been to Canada and if so, which is your favorite Province/Territory? Why?
several times....i think i've been in 7 of the favorite is's beautiful up there....and so can't be up there without noticing how clean everything is.....

27. What type of weather do you dislike driving in?
black ice.....this might not have been a good choice coz actually i don't drive in it.....i shut down asap!!

28. What do you listen to while driving? Type of music, talk shows, etc.
i listen to alot of audio books on cd.....john grisham, sue grafton, diane mott davidson and janet evanovich to name a few........our sirius satelite radio.....everything from howard stern to martha collar comedy to rosie odonnell, cnn to npr......

29. Who is your favorite talk show host?
ok, ladies....don't get offended but i gotta say.....howard stern

30. What is your CB handle?
dreamweaver.......but i hardly ever have the radio on.


The Daily Rant said...

I LOVE your answers!! They are GREAT!! Makes me want to go back and change some of mine!

I love what you said about the sun rising behind you when you're traveling west. I love seeing that also and I totally didn't think to mention it - see, I took it for granted until someone else (you!) mentioned it.

Thanks for playing along!

Lauren said...

This is a great list!

Plum Trucker said...

Hey guys I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me comments. Thanks for the nice words about the test. I think you are right.. don't want to over think it. I love that you are a Janet Evanovich fan, esp. Stephanie Plum. She is my favorite as you could tell. This is awesome I am sure we will have tons to talk about :)

Gi-Gi Roxx said...

I was driving along today and thought to my self, damn I haven't done a good MeMe in a while... now I have something to do! haha

Like your answers by the way. Always interesting to see what other people think about things!