Tuesday, April 21, 2009

people pooperscoopers

most of you reading this have by now met our little dog, babygirl, who travels around with us and generally acts as our bedwarmer/approaching people warning system/entertainment and exercise coordinator/and leftover food removal specialist......she's 9 and 1/2 pounds of pure cuteness and sheer terror.....a miniature pinscher who thinks she's a rottweiler........brad and i call her our "alternative child" ....she calls us her bitches.......

this morning i was taking her for a walk in the truck stop in portland, oregon......jubitz.....i'd parked near the outside perimeter of the lot, always a premium spot when you travel with a dog, and there was a nice little spot of grass not far from the truck.....we've been to this stop lots of times before, but i'd never noticed the little green box on a pole in the grassy spot before.....i walked over closer to read the sign above it and i had to chuckle.......

considering that almost any time i get out of the truck in any truckstop lot, i have to step over thrown out trash, rotting banana peels, bottles and jugs of all sizes with dark yellow liquid in them......and that's providing i can step over them and the soles of my shoes aren't stuck to the pavement.....wouldn't these containers and signs be of better service out in the parking lot than worrying about a few disintegrating dog turds?????

brad and i have tried to teach babygirl to be a good citizen.....we're careful of where we let her take care of business......we don't throw her food bowl remains out on the lot.....i guess it's just too much to expect that some of our collegues be as well trained.

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